Whatever We Do for you or your smile, the three most important things we make sure of are that it Looks Great, Feels Comfortable, and Lasts A LONG TIME. We offer a limited warranty* on all of our work and always want to make sure it’s done well. If you come in for regular cleanings we’ll usually extend that warranty for a couple years!

Dr. Lassen has spent hundreds of hours since graduation studying everything to do with dentistry, teeth, and your body so that he can give you the best options for YOU. He loves doing dentistry and there’s hardly any part of it that doesn’t get him excited.


To help the cracks and grooves of your teeth stay clean, we often recommend placing sealants on healthy teeth. Think of it like caulking to fill in the cracks so food and germs don’t get stuck in those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.


Decay is a lot like rust on a car. It happens in those areas where food and germs get to sit and hide. They’ll slowly etch holes in your teeth. As long as it hasn’t made a hole, you can stop decay and even reverse it (although it usually leaves a visible mark and changes the color of the tooth.

Once a hole has formed we call it a “cavity”. The only way to stop it is to cut out the decayed area and get a nice clean border. Then we fill that hole back in with something strong: usually a white, light-cured resin.


When fillings get to be too big, they can act more like a wedge that will split the tooth apart when you chew on it. To keep the tooth from breaking apart and protect it, we make a really strong porcelain “crown” that acts like a shell that holds the whole thing together.

The filling that fills the deep holes underneath the crown is called a “buildup”

Root Canal Therapy

In the center of every tooth is a “pulp” filled with tiny blood vessels and nerves. There are canals that go down the root connecting the pulp to the your jaw. When germs have gotten into or close to the pulp or canals we need to clean it out and disinfect it.

Root canals get a bad reputation because of toothaches. When germs have gotten into the pulp, lots of times, it causes a toothache which is a sign of the infection. These toothaches are not fun, but Root Canal Therapy is what gets rid of the infection to help you feel better and save your tooth to let you keep chewing on it for many years, and even decades to come.


When decay gets into places we can’t fix or has made a hole too big to fix, the tooth needs to be removed, or extracted, and replaced with something else that will help you smile and chew.

Bone Graft

Bone is a lot like muscle, if you aren’t using it, your body gets rid of it over a long time. After an extraction the jaw bone often shrinks quickly. To help the jaw bone stay thick and healthy for an implant or other fake tooth, bone or bone-like material is placed into the area where your old tooth used to be. In a few months it will become regular bone and save the space for a year or two.


When a tooth is missing, one way to replace it is to make a set of teeth that fill in the empty spaces and are held on permanently by the nearby teeth.

Partial Denture

When several teeth are missing, a very cost-effective way to replace them is with a set of fake teeth set on a metal or acrylic frame and clips to your other strong healthy teeth.

Full Denture

When all your teeth in a jaw are missing or when there’s not enough strong teeth to hold onto a partial denture, a full denture needs to be made and the remaining bad teeth need to come out. These are often just held in by friction and suction to your gums. Implants can be used to hold a denture firmly in place.


The most life-like way to replace a tooth. A titanium post is placed into your jaw and a fake tooth is placed on top. Often, a waiting period is needed to make sure the bone around the implant is strong enough to take the weight of chewing. Most people report that having an implant put in is easier and gentler than having the bad tooth taken out.

Sleep Apnea Solutions

To help people breathe easier in their sleep or to stop snoring, special mouthguards are made to prop your lower jaw forward and open your throat while you sleep. If you have an official diagnosis for Sleep Apnea, your health insurance will almost always cover the cost of the mouthguard and follow-up testing.

Prophy or Prophylaxis

Also called a cleaning or simple cleaning, we clean the hard buildup off your teeth that your toothbrush and floss can’t take care of. This usually forms in those hard-to-find nooks and crannies around your gums.

Scaling and Root Planing

When germs and buildup have collected and formed below your gums, it creates an infection in your gums and jawbone. It starts eating away at the bone that holds your teeth in place. To clean it off, we’ll get you numb and clean it all out. Almost always, more frequent “maintenance” cleanings are needed for a year or two to keep those infected areas clean until your gums heal completely. Sometimes local antibiotics are needed for problematic areas.

Periodontal Maintenance

After gum disease has set in, the infected areas need to be kept clean for a year or two until the infection is fully resolved. To keep them clean, we recommend maintenance cleanings every three or four months. We try to get your gums back to a healthy, stable state within a year.

Whitening/Tooth Bleaching

Various strengths of peroxide are placed on the tooth to break down stains among the minerals of your teeth. Certain types and colors of teeth respond better than others. Stronger peroxides work faster and can cause a temporary sensitivity that goes away in a few hours or a day or two.

Whitening can be done with strong peroxides in an hour in our office to give a fast initial boost, or with medium peroxides in custom or preformed bleach trays at your own pace at home. We recommend a mix of both for the best results. When you have the in-office whitening done, we will also make custom trays for you and give you bleach to take home. Bleaching your teeth is a lot like tanning your skin, you may not see the effects right away, but you’ll definitely see it in a couple of days.


Also called Braces or Invisalign. Light, constant pressures are placed on your teeth to move them. Teeth work best, last the longest, stay cleanest, and look the nicest when they are properly lined up. Teeth can move and be moved throughout your life, so it’s never too late to straighten your teeth. And we promise you, you’ll like the way they look and feel when you’re done! Invisalign is almost invisible and is good for most tooth-straightening, while braces can handle the more complicated things better.


A fantastic way to get a new smile quickly. A thin layer of strong porcelain is placed on the front and sometimes sides of your front teeth to give you a new smile and help you look as healthy or healthier than you feel.

Smile/Mouth Makeover

When all or most of your teeth have been ground down, broken, or worn out, we can build them back up to their original size and get you back to a full mouth of healthy teeth and a great-looking smile. This needs to be done carefully to make sure you’re still comfortable afterwards and that your new smile will last you a long time!


If you clench or grind your teeth at night, it’s usually because of stress in your life. It’s hard to stop doing something while you’re asleep, and putting a soft night guard in there only makes it worse. We have our lab make a hard acrylic, custom night guard that discourages clenching and grinding, protects your teeth, and feels comfortable!

*Limited Warranty: If any of our dental work breaks, fails, or hurts, or needs to be replaced within a year as a result of some mistake on our part, we’ll HAPPILY replace it at no charge to you. If you come in for regular cleanings and exams, we’ll extend that warranty out for years depending on how you care for your teeth and how well your exams go.

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